Affirmations versus confirmations

Affirmations versus confirmations I was speaking with a client last week about how important it is to be aware of what she tells herself. She had said she was hopeless at something. I pointed out to her what a terrible affirmation that was [...]

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Are you in or are you out

Are you in or are you out I have given up many vices in my life, from cigarettes, hard drugs and alcohol to cooked food and even all food for substantial periods and one thing seems to stand out for me each time. [...]

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Successful People

Successful People I was reminded again last night about the importance of hanging around with people who are at a ‘higher level’ of growth than ourselves (In certain areas of life) to give us that push and direction we yearn for. I had [...]

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It’s the LITTLE things

It’s the LITTLE things I’ve always considered myself to be a fairly easy-going guy. I thought it was because I didn’t really let myself get concerned with trivial matters and had better things to focus on but something happened recently that actually shed [...]

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Sex or connection

Sex or connection I was pondering what sex means to me as I lay in bed this morning. I have had many forms of sex in my life, rough, slow, gentle, boring, wild, passionate, exciting, dirty, fast, slow, naughty and so on, but [...]

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A moment in time

A moment in time I had just finished my run around the rivers in Perth WA. I had done a great time, my best yet and grabbed my towel and water bottle out of the car and proceeded towards an empty park bench [...]

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Be a Morning person

Be a Morning person I had a client come to see me the other day and when she walked in … late, she said in a flustered, grumpy voice “I am not a morning person!” How many times have you heard someone or [...]

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Questions are sometimes far more profound than answers

Questions are sometimes far more profound than answers One of my biggest mentors often said the quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask and below are three of the highest quality questions I have come across [...]

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How strong does a boy need to be to lift his self esteem?

How strong does a boy need to be to lift his self esteem? I was at speedway a while ago with my sister and brother-in-law and our kids and we sat on the edge of the terraced limestone and grass seating area. As [...]

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